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Spring muscles start with makeup
2016-03-08 14:33:15

On the afternoon of March 8th, Heske Group organized female colleagues to carry out the theme activity of women's Day beauty makeup modeling.

Why do women wear makeup?

What do you fear most when you make up?

Are you linear or curvy?

Do you know color collocations?

What type of cosmetics suits your skin?

Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea cosmetics brands each have what advantages?


Mr. Jincheng, the famous makeup stylist in Sichuan and the founder of Jincheng Aesthetics, gave us a detailed analysis of all these women's problems.

In addition to the interesting introduction and professional knowledge explanation, Ms. Jin Cheng also showed us the "great magic" of beauty makeup.

We invited a hycisco goddess to give a demonstration.

Plain yan plain outfit, Beautiful yan Mei outfit, absolutely have the truth!

Seeing this, the female colleagues who did not attend the event for various reasons suddenly felt sorry for themselves. Ha ha ha, never cheat you, do not come is really loss big! (Serious face)

Ok, not exciting everyone, let's do a hair style together!

Women's Day. I'll see you next year,

Ladies of Heske, wish you beautiful see you every day!