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I'm a role model. I'm the best voice for HISCO
2016-08-18 00:00:00

In the second phase of 2016 Hiske Group's "Best Example" activity, we are looking for colleagues with Max brand promotion ability in the group. Only hiske ER who has a multi-faceted understanding of the group and has certain professional advantages can become the best example of this issue and speak for Hiske and hiske people in the future.

Luo Hao Group Generic drug Research Six department

Before participating in this competition, I thought the "spokesperson" that Heske would select was "appearance level shoulders-handsome men and women in public appearances. However, after the intense competition, I found that everyone had the same appearance level and temperament, and everyone would get nearly full marks only for their appearance. When everyone took out their unique skills and surprised the judges and the audience with their powerful strength, I suddenly understood the purpose of this competition.

I think, "I for sea cisco endorsement" want to express, is not only the cisco efficiently a strong r&d team, is not the only sea cisco products seiko spy, cisco will not limited to sea capable professional business team, every sea cisco striver is excellent sea cisco spokesperson, is the best endorsement by perfect craftsmanship, completes the labor of Let the temperament and spirit of "helping health with the heart of struggle, walking with life" infect everyone who cares and pays attention to Hisco.

Come on! "Walking with life, striving with one heart", we will speak for Hisco, who constantly strive for the health cause in different positions!


Han Xiaofei Group generic drug Research part 1

To tell you the truth, when I was recommended by the department to participate in the selection of the best model of this issue -- "The Best Spokesperson of Heske", I was only confused in capitals.

Later, I gradually understood the purpose and significance of the activity through training and learning. "Spokesperson" seems to rely on "mouth", but in fact, it depends more on "heart". I think words from the heart may be more powerful than magnificent performances, and I have carried this understanding and concept throughout the whole process of my competition. Thank you for your support and for giving me the opportunity to be one of the spokespeople for this event.

I think this is a start. There is still a long way to go.


Li Wenqian Group Finance Center

Known as little Sister, a 2.5 yuan 90 typical Aquarius girl, not 90 rebellious and non-mainstream, and 90 after the passion and vitality; There is no so-called financial workers should have the "calm gas", but has a continuous innovation of the "enterprising heart"; I love dancing, photography and animation, and I have always been an active activist. In the face of annual meetings, association activities and various kinds of competitions, I always want to have a try.

As a newcomer to the workplace, although I have little work experience, I have a passionate heart for work, and I will show "this heart" in the final without reservation; As for the preparation before the competition, the secret is "lack of literary talent, make up the number of people". The financial colleagues actively suggested suggestions, from the polishing of the article to the training of the speech, to the bottle of Red Bull that encouraged me before the competition, everyone was the key for me to finish the competition successfully.

We will start from a rookie, be down-to-earth, and become an excellent financial manager. We will speak for Hisco with our practical work achievements.

Set the best example to carry on the spirit of "striver"

Sea "best example" activity is cisco cisco "strivers" the selection of one of the channel, since 2010, a year according to the different direction set corresponding selection criteria, the purpose is to let everyone through their living around striver "role model", intuitively know exactly what kind of person can become a sea of cisco striver.