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Haisco 2016,third best example——I'm the best role model. "I'm a straight-a student."
2016-10-24 00:00:00

In 2016, the "Best Example" activity of Hiske carried out three stages of competition centering on professional skills. Around three themes, we hiske people "showed off our talents" and competed with each other with our original high-energy and multi-faceted professional skills. The best example of their final issue with cisco sea university teacher training project of the example lighthouse scheme as the backing, around the theme of "I am a student of excellent results, set up the content for each individual learning and team cooperation consciousness and the ability of a comprehensive investigation, finally identify the strength and ability to learn and" outstanding student "team.

Combined with the training content, we carried out individual and team competition from the aspects of classroom performance, results and influence, and integrated the attendance, homework and classroom speeches of all the students. Meanwhile, according to the organization and presentation effect of the group project of each team, as well as the ability of attracting fans of the project publicity video, Finally, the "outstanding student team" with the most productive learning ability and teamwork spirit became the best example winner of this activity!

In the process of learning and competition, Emma team gave full play to their strong learning ability and teamwork. In terms of class performance, the team completed the homework carefully, and many times won the "good" praise from the lecturer. Meanwhile, they actively fought for the opportunity to answer questions and demonstrate in class, showing the sunny and enterprising style of learning and struggle. In the team project competition, the team members cooperated sincerely, performed their own duties, completed the project planning efficiently, and won the total score of the first place in internal and external voting through highly creative promotion videos. Based on the scores of the above two aspects, Emma team finally stood out from the six participating teams and won the best example of this issue, which also showed everyone the spirit temperament of Heske people in continuous learning and team communication and cooperation.

Set the best example to carry on the spirit of "striver"

Sea "best example" activity is cisco cisco "strivers" the selection of one of the channel, since 2010, a year according to the different direction set corresponding selection criteria, the purpose is to let everyone through their living around striver "role model", intuitively know exactly what kind of person can become a sea of cisco striver.