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Employee Benefits
Your future is also our future
Your future is also our future
    • We firmly believe that a good employer should provide its employees with an environment for self-worth and personal development.

    • HISCO group provides opportunities for cross company and cross department job transfer within the group for the personal development of excellent employees, so that employees can participate in new work tasks and challenges.

    • People oriented working environment.

    • We believe that work is a part of life and occupies a large part of our time.

    • At HISCO, we ensure that these time allocations are recognized by our employees.

    • Therefore, we provide employees with a clean, safe and comfortable open working environment.

    • Competitive salary and welfare system.

    • In the long run, in order to attract, retain and motivate talents, we ensure that the salary and benefits provided are competitive in the market.

    • We expect our employees to have excellent performance and get favorable returns, so we directly link the salary with the employees' contribution to the company.

The benefits we provide

Five insurances and one fund, group commercial insurance, working meal, communication subsidy, shuttle bus transfer / commuting subsidy, fellowship activities, festivals, special day consolation gifts, heatstroke prevention and cooling fees, quarterly labor insurance, annual physical examination, national legal holidays and paid annual leave.