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Protein-coupled drug PDC platform
    • Using the advantages of small molecule technology platform to establish PDC technology platform to achieve breakthrough and transcendence.

    • At present, several early projects have been arranged, and 1-2 IND studies are expected to be completed within 2 years.

Inhalant technology platform
    • It relates to powder aerosol, aerosol and inhalation liquid preparation and other high barrier inhalation preparations.

    • Currently, there are seven inhalation projects under development and two IND studies are expected to be completed this year.

PROTAC Technology platform
    • To develop first-in-class, highly selective and effective oral protein-degrading drugs for tumors and autoimmune diseases.

    • A mature PROTAC platform team has been established, involving chemical synthesis, new drug evaluation, preparation development and quality research, etc., with a total of 85 people, including 13 doctors, master degree or above accounting for more than 60%.

    • So far, more than 20 early projects have been arranged, and more than 30 patents have been submitted. The most advanced BTK-ProTAC project, HSK29116, has entered phase I clinical practice.