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Enterprise Philosophy
Core value
Sharing Value withStrivers
What is a “striver”
At Haisco, those who are brave to face challenges, struggle hard and are not afraid of failure; those who follow the enterprise spirit of “pragmatism, efficiency, learning and innovation” and create value through their own efforts; also, those who can face difficulties with confidence and determination and bring benefits to Hisco regardless of any positions and at any time...They will all become excellent “strivers” of Hisco in the future.
  • Facing Challenges
    Not Afraid of Failure
  • Through Effort
    Creating Value
  • Continuous Innovation
    Not Afraid of Failure
Value Sharing
The future of Haisco is a future that constantly pays tribute to the strivers, a future that aims to tilt the opportunities and resources to the strivers. Facing the second venture, Haisco Group should strive to create a set of accurate assessment mechanism based on the principle of “performance viewpoint and marketization”, and give the “strivers” sufficient incentives and returns through its evaluation and affirmation of the value created by “strivers”, and provide them with a more competitive platform.
  • Introducing Motivation Mechanism
    Harvesting Value of Labor
  • Improving Governance Structure
    Sharing Value of Growth
  • Accelerating Enterprise Development
    Sharing Value of Capital
Enterprise vision
Committed to becomingthe most trustedinternational pharmaceutical enterprise
“Becoming the most trusted international pharmaceutical enterprise” is the intersection of strategy and culture of Haisco Group. It is the dream and striving goal to stimulate the potential of all Haisco people. It is also the direction of management and development of the transformation of Haisco from traditional R&D, production and marketing enterprise to international pharmaceutical enterprise.
To External
Win the full trust of agents, hospitals and patients through the rapid sharing of internationally advanced medical products
Win the full trust of investors and collaborators through the continuous enhancement of the enterprise’s strength and the practical implementation of the strategies
Establish the audience’s reliability to the Brand of Haisco through the sufficient implementation of enterprise mission
To Internal
To establish the full trust of Haisco employees to the company through the development of the enterprise itself and the establishment of an effective value evaluation and distribution system with the characteristics of Haisco’s “strivers”
Enterprise mission
With Heart of Striving, Moving Ahead with Life
  • Cherish every life, share constantly and promptly, focus on the recovery of patients with innovative and pragmatic attitude of development;
  • Cherish each technology, innovate continuously and efficiently, overcome technical barriers and transform them into medical achievements;
  • Guard life and health and win the full trust of society and the public with heart of unremitting striving and high sense of responsibility, contribute to the promotion of health quality.
Enterprise spirit
Development strategy

Focus on the pharmaceutical industry,

develop the innovative drugs and conduct cooperative M&A with a global perspective,

promptly satisfy the unmet clinical needs.