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Innovative R&D

    ○ At present, a professional scientific research team of more than 810 personnel has been formed, with the whole process of new drug development experience from project establishment to NDA;

    ○ All the senior management team have doctoral degrees, and nearly 60% of the new drug discovery team members have master/PhD degrees;

    ○ The R&D team was selected as “Leading Innovation and Entrepreneurial Team of ‘1000 Talents Program’ of Sichuan” and “Leading Innovation and Entrepreneurial Team of Chengdu Talent Program” ;

    ○ Includes several world-renowned experts specially recruited from overseas, and high-level talents selected as “1000 Talents Program of Sichuan” and “Chengdu ‘Rong Piao’ Talent Program”.

Research Development

Since its establishment, based on its own characteristics, the Company has been cultivating intensively with the pragmatic and innovative striver’s spirit. At present, it has obtained accumulatively 70 drug production and registration approvals (including 22 marketed first generic drugs, the rate of marketed first generic drug exceeds 31%, and the success rate of marketed first generic drug is at the leading level in the industry), of which, the technology of some varieties has been transferred to multiple well-known domestic pharmaceutical enterprises in China, creating good social and economic benefits. Currently, the Company is selling 49 varieties (including 3 varieties to be marketed), mainly in the therapeutic fields such as digestive tract and metabolism, blood and hematopoietic system, systemic anti-infection, cardiovascular system, nervous system (including anesthesia), and dermatology.

The Company has applied accumulatively for 570 patents (including 562 patents for invention, 6 for utility model and 2 for appearance) and 118 applications for PCT, and has obtained 231 licenses (223 for invention patents, 6 for utility model and 2 for appearance), among which, the patents for Polyene Phosphatidylcholine Injection and its preparation method have won the Chinese Patent Excellence Award; the Company has applied accumulatively for 661 trademarks and obtained 548 authorizations.

  • Apply Patents

    570 item

  • PCT

    118 item

  • Authorizations

    231 item

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    611 item

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