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I'm a role model. I'm an Office whiz
2016-05-10 00:00:00

Set the best example to carry on the spirit of "striver"

Sea "best example" activity is cisco cisco "strivers" the selection of one of the channel, since 2010, a year according to the different direction set corresponding selection criteria, the purpose is to let everyone through their living around striver "role model", intuitively know exactly what kind of person can become a sea of cisco striver.

Data statistics -- Zhao Xiaoli, Group Marketing Department

He said: If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. If you want to improve your data statistics ability, you are advised to communicate, communicate and share with your colleagues, find the optimal solution, and use the fragmented time to learn small data processing skills (such as Excelhome, Exceltip and Excelpx). Data statistics and analysis ability will slowly improve through the accumulation of small points.

Judges said: With the use of complex function nesting, VBA simple programming, SQL simple query and other professional ability, has entered the Excel function to solve problems outside the field, can be said to be one of the few "Excel advanced users".

PPT making -- Hongmei Ren, Marketing Department of The Group

She said: action is the beginning of knowledge, knowledge is the completion of action, practice - summary - practice, really start to practice will accumulate. In my opinion, the four elements of PPT production are logic-copywriting - layout - color matching, among which logic is the core and the soul of PPT.

Judges say: clean and concise style, logical structure is clear. Have the ability and strength of excellent PPT designer!

Excel spreadsheet making -- Chen Lei, Financial Center of the Group

'Why is Excel better?' he says. Be interested in Excel first, and then keep exploring new features. If you're just learning because of work pressure, you'll probably end up at intermediate level. People because of career and calm, people because of achievements and proud, won the best example of this period is another milestone in my life. It will always encourage me to maintain the good tradition of being positive and enterprising, constantly stimulate their potential, consciously do everything, continuous improvement, continuous learning and self-improvement, strive for a little progress every day, with better skills to meet new challenges at work.

The judges said: I am very skilled in using tools, skills and functions of Excel form making, and have a strong ability to understand and integrate forms and data. I have a clear logical thinking path for data statistical analysis and flexible use of tools and methods. I am very representative in demonstrating and improving work efficiency.

Preparation of meeting minutes -- Qiu Qinqin, Group Information Center

'It was amazing to be told the best role model for getting minutes,' she says. As an IT person, my main business is data processing and I am confident in Excel. Taking meetings is just a sideline. This goes back to the days when, as a rookie, a project manager would always catch you taking notes. Free discussion sessions are usually 30 minutes to an hour, and not only summarize everyone's ideas and to-do lists, but also translate them into English. Remember Chinese - translation - tune format, at the beginning of all kinds of pain, to later slowly the combination of skills, and unconsciously practice the human flesh instant recorder + translation machine skills. Anyway, what makes perfect, the most important thing is to open a notepad and use the keyboard to only memorize key points. Will I tell you that...

Judges said: in the shortest time, grab the information of the meeting, in a structured way, show the logic of the meeting, with professional expression, show the spirit of the meeting.